What kinda man/woman can’t you date/marry????

Just as we all know that one man’s food is another man’s poison so does people’s opinion differ on their choices of partner… While many may  focus on appearance(After all a man is appealed by what he sees), some may as well focus on character.  Let’s take a sojourn on people’s opinion on the kind of man/woman they can neither date nor marry. Your opinion is as well welcomed, so feel free to add yours in the ‘COMMENT’ box below


I can’t marry a man who is not romantic in all ramifications. I can’t marry a man who can’t satisfy me sexually, i can’t marry a man who is not God fearing and responsible. My man must be financially stable.


I can’t marry or date a proud, or an oversabi woman.


First and foremost, i can’t marry or date a broke man. You must have money, when i say money, i mean you must be rich and also wealthy. My man must love God and show it, not just by words, but by action too. He should also know how to please me(all round). I know i am very annoying, so i will marry a man that can deal with my bullshit and tolerate my flaws.


I can’t marry a short and fat woman. If you aren’t good in sports, i probably might not see you as an option. If you are good at extravagant expenses, i won’t see you as an option. I care so much on self respect, if you don’t have that, it’s a No. Talking about self respect, it comprises of so many things… the way you talk in public, the way you relate with others and so on. I care so much about a female appearance, so if your appearance is not up to average, it’s a NO for me.

The worst person alive is one with a flaw that cannot be tolerated by anybody. Perssonally speaking, i can’t date, marry or tolerate a woman with kleptomaniac spirit or a very lousy woman. TUNECHI. MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST.


I cannot date or marry a man who is not passionate, ambitious, kind, romantic, and one who does not put God first and me next. I cannot marry a man who cannot drive me, who cannot bring out the best in me, and of course one who is not tall and handsome.

Uju (Miss Tourism Ebonyi)

I cannot marry a man that is so full of himself, that is jealous and has no respect for womanhood. Uju.


The character of a lady that i can’t withstand is pride and Arrogance… but the kind of lady that appeals to me is the one that is humble, God fearing and rational.


I cannot date or marry a housewife, a selfish woman, a liar,and and an oversabi woman.


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  1. Jaybright says:

    D way we look into tinx are diff to me I can’t date a career girl bcos she wouldn’t have time for me and my children.

  2. Charlestoochukwu says:

    Marriage!Marriage!!Marriage!!! Hhhhmmm… Abeg am not seeing myself in that yet. Good luck to those looking forward to it ✌

  3. Eze-ogo miscellaneous says:

    I can’t date a girl that takes advantage of my weaknesses.

  4. adioms says:

    I can’t date a girl who gets jealous unnecessarily, and like taking things too personal…

  5. Quarter Past Phyzabeck says:

    don’t really know for now

  6. anonymous says:

    who no get flaw…. abegi. God fearing? how many of us are really God fearing or knows what it is? God make me richer than my husband!!! that’s my prayer. cause if I’m richer, he will dance to my tune.

  7. Chief Okoro says:

    One thing I can’t bear is a liar. there is no way I can date you if you lie to me. I can’t marry a dirty woman, I mean a woman who can be comfortable with a dirty environment. Nagging women are out of the picture too.

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