What is Life All About?


I couldn’t get to tell you much about me the last time. Childhood was something I wish wouldn’t end; no worries, no responsibilities, unaware of a demanding future, living life as it comes. Is that all growing up for me entails? Maybe, maybe not….



Hey diary, hope you remembered I was telling you about my discovery of what life seem to be(if you miss earlier edition, please check DIARY OF THE LAY MAN. Remember I told you life is test, life is trust and life is temporary assignment? Today, I have read the book further and I’ll tell you more. Enjoy with me.

Life is a trust:

I discovered that as humans we never own a thing. All we could claim to have; clothes, wealth, family, even time; they all aren’t ours. They are God’s and his alone. They are God’s property before we arrived, we were only loaned and it will be loaned out when we die.

What then is God expecting of me concerning the things he has entrusted in my hands? Our culture says: ‘if you don’t own it, you won’t take care of it’, but God expects something better from me. Because God owns it, I make take the best care of it I can. God has entrusted his wealth into my hands and at the end of my life, I’ll be evaluated on how I have done the things that was entrusted into my care. I pray I don’t disappoint his trust.

This is why the rich master in the bible says concerning his faithful servant:  “well done good and faithful servant, you have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things, come and share your master’s happiness.”[Matthew 25:21(NIV)]. That means everything I do, even, simple chores have eternal implications. If I treat everything as a trust, God promises three things in eternity.

First, I’ll be given God’s affirmation: He will say, Well done!

Next, I’ll receive a promotion and be given greater responsibility in eternity: I will put you in charge of many things.”

Then I’ll be honoured with a celebration: “come and share your master’s happiness.

Life is a test and a trust, and the more God gives me, the more responsible he expects me to be. Hmm! That is a big one there, at least, I won’t ask for less from him so as to have less to account for, hell no. I’ll rather ask for grace to carry all he has given me with care and always remember that at the end of it all, I’ll give account to him. How easy life will be if I am able to accomplish that and I’ll be a happy man.


Life is a temporary assignment:

Life on earth is a temporary assignment. To make the best use of our lives, we must never forget two truths: first, compared with eternity, life is extremely brief. Second, earth is only a temporary residence. We won’t be here long, so we shouldn’t get too attached. We should rather ask God to help us see life on earth as he sees it. We don’t have to go far before getting that answer; the bible uses terms like alien, pilgrim, foreigner, stranger, visitor and traveler to describe our brief stay on earth.

Rick Warren gave an illustration; “Suppose I was asked by my country to be its ambassador in an enemy nation, I’ll have to learn a new language and adapt to some customs and cultural differences in order to be polite and to accomplish my mission. To fulfil my mission, I’ll have to contact and relate to them. But say I became so comfortable with this foreign country that I fell in love with it, preferring it to my homeland. My role as an ambassador would be compromised and I’d be a traitor.”

Isn’t that how we live nowadays? We seem to forget, or maybe we don’t even know that there is more to life than our stay on earth. And until we realise that earth isn’t our home, we won’t set our priorities right.

Although, our stay on earth is very brief, yet it determines how and where we will be in eternity. Should I then forfeit eternity because of a brief stay in a place doomed to perish, far from it? It is a fatal mistake to assume that God’s goal for our lives is material prosperity or popular success, as the world defines it. It is far more than that.

“When life gets tough, when I’m overwhelmed with doubt, or when I wonder if living for Christ is worth the effort, I’ll remember that I’m not home yet. At death, I won’t leave home, I’ll go home.”

                            -content information from WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? By Rick Warren


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