The Qatari who is now Nigerian on Twitter

For Nigerians that are twitter addicts like me we must have come across this young man, especially those of us that talk politics and regularly bash our National Assembly. Anyway, if you do not know him, his name is Nasser Al-Saadi and he is an individual from Qatar with the Twitter handle @nass. And we have decided to make him Nigerian now!

Why you might ask? Notice his twitter handle? Very similar to that of our beloved National Assembly. So most Nigerian Twitter users tend to tweet at him instead of our national assembly. This has gotten so bad that the young man has had to cry out to Nigerians to stop. But do we listen?

Funny thing is that more than 80% of his followers are now Nigerians simply because of how hilarious this young man has been. He has been a good sport, giving the most amazing replies to lots of Nigerians bashing our national assembly and tagging him instead. Below is a young man asking the National assembly for our budget.

And then his hilarious reply.

It is not just budget issues that prompts Nigerians to attack this young man on twitter.

But majority of the time, it’s usually about budgets. There was a twitter user even wanting to cut our poor friend’s budget.

He had to cry out…

Seems like Nasser’s prayer every year is for Nigeria to at least present their budget and pass it in peace without wahala.

This was terrible news for him…

This guy is so familiar with the ingoings in Nigeria he would easily pass a quiz. Especially if the questions are about our National assembly.

He’s actually a very shy person. His reply…

He has even been threatened with jail time.

His wonderful reply…

Now do we all remember the stolen Mace saga? Well he got so much bashing he had to change his twitter bio to this…

The young man is tired of Nigerians!!! But trust us, we have warmed up to the gentle man. Under every tweet of his, we have lots of Nigerians making fun of the situation.

You can go on his page to find more hilarious tweets. But we at Marastrove have decided to make him an honorary Nigerian. From now on, he will be called Nasiru Chigozie Oluwatobiloba.

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  1. Ohjay says:

    Well nigerians would always be Nigerians I winder when we are really going to get serious about something in our life. #leavetheyoungmanalone I think Nass him self should even free them if they dnt leave him by changing his handle to his full name. Cause it would get more carry than dis when election sets in. But for really dis is hilarious. Proud to be a Nigerian.

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