The Bleeding Blades, A Mindset OF Olusegun Omotosho

All hail the thumbs
Who have been like workaholic
All modestly dumbs
Not minding the melancholic
Utterances of some non participants
Who cannot but only rants

All hail the great minds, the useful minds,
The grasper, holder and doer of deeds,
To the discouraging​ fingers, they are blind
Solidly, unshakeable, they must succeed

All Hail the brains and bones
That never condone indolence
Gently and calmly they start the day
We must make fortune they say
Or praise at the end of a strenuous day

Some day our high rewards will come
From the harbinger of destinies
Not from the harbinger of falsified changes
Do not be discouraged before the best comes

Shall we continue to frolicking in jamboree
Whilst we play our beat of tambourine
To a music of migraine
Played out by our choir master
Beware of the songs of sorrow monster

Why our moments, we waste?
Oh, let us with the morning rise
And to our duties haste
Why should we sleep in the mourners’ cries
Of our falsified laziness

See! Look!! Imagine!!! Accuser
Our youths were not bred
To waste our time in bed
In days that are sunny
We are getting our honey
In days that are cloudy
We are making wax
The streets are rowdy
We are not just dreamer
On all, the system levies a tax!

The scent of achievement
Makes fragrant our wings
That never gets lazy
From soiling and tilling
Some treasures we must bring

Are we lazy?
From morning’s first light
Till the coming of night
The country is singing and toiling
For success all is boiling

Trailing the journey through
We may get weary
And think work is dreary
‘Tis harder by far, we move on fairly
Yet, we have nothing to do?

Toiling, rejoicing,sorrowing
Onward through life we go
Each morning sees some task begin
Each evening sees it close
Something attempted something done
Has earned a night’s repose
But all we got,a wake to a reproach
From a heart to us, that never approach

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