Six Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

So it is a well known fact that black men don’t cheat. I don’t know who’s been lying to you girls, but you need to stop being suspicious of your black partners! If you have ever caught your black boyfriend or husband cheating, there is always a logical explanation. Either he didn’t know you two were still dating or he forgot you were still dating! But the most common reason is that he must have Caucasian ancestry. Probably his Uncle’s brother’s aunt’s sister’s husband’s grandfather’s dog’s cousin is white.

So if you have a black partner with black ancestry, look away. For others, here are six signs he might be cheating on you.

1. He always wants to look good:

Err…I am not saying it is bad to look good oh! All I am saying is that if uncle all of a sudden wants to have six packs and starts paying too much attention to his hair or suddenly develops love for the beard gang, then there must be someone out there he is trying to impress. Not just to himself but his surroundings. Your partner all of a sudden cleans his house, makes his bed, washes the dishes, something you do for him or beg him to do before? My sister, it’s time to do some CSI naija because someone else is visiting that house.

2. Unnecessary Fights: 

This one is very common. Uncle can suddenly start getting mad at things he was OK with before. I know of a guy (he isn’t black by the way) who toasted a girl by telling her he loved how easily she laughed. Fast forward few months later, that laughter became the most disgusting thing about the girl. “Why are you laughing so loud? Don’t you know I have neighbors?” “Why are you laughing at what I said now? Was it funny?” The worst is that he starts looking for every opportunity to quarrel. Breathe heavily, wahala. Hold your breath, wahala. Eat, you are wasting food. Don’t eat, you are starving yourself. My sis, when these signs start showing, someone else out there is giving him peace.

3. Demands Privacy: 

I do not advise girls to go through their partners’ phones. This is why. They might not be cheating but messages or chats with other girls might make you think they are. It is almost impossible for a guy to chat with a lady without flirting a bit. And since majority of you girls love to jump into conclusions, you might take it for cheating. But here is the drill. When a guy gets too secretive, changes his passwords, deletes messages, carries his phone to the toilet often and hides to receive some calls? He is definitely cheating. Either that, or he simply just has lots of porn videos he doesn’t want you to see.

4. Surprising you with unexpected gifts:

There are two kinds of boyfriends. The ones that cheat without remorse and then the ones that actually feel bad when they cheat. Those ones that cheat without feeling anything have definitely lost interest in you, but for some reason just keeping you around or waiting for the right time to dump you. They are devil’s children. But the most confused set of men are those who still love you, don’t want to lose you and then somehow still feel the need to cheat. These ones feel bad after that and the only way to feel good about themselves is to shower you with gifts. Think Davido – Chioma – five years – two baby mamas – PDA – Assurance car and song. Get it now?

5. Change in sex drive: 

It goes both ways. It can be a drastic increase in sex drive, or a drastic decline in your partner. If the cheating boyfriend has lost interest in you, the only reason he is keeping you is probably sex (or something else he is getting from you). This means the whole relationship will revolve around sex. You no longer have meaningful conversations, any small thing, open leg. Honey good morning, open leg. Honey come and eat, open leg. Honey come and bath, open leg. At the same time, it can be a drastic decline in sex drive. This just means he is getting it outside and he doesn’t need your legs opened.

6. Lying about random things:

When a guy cheats, he has to lie often, and just like every other thing, lying can become a habit. So if you notice he has started to lie unprovoked, probably about silly things, then he just might be cheating. “Honey where did you go?” “I went to wash the street.” My sister, shine your eyes.

That’s it folks. If you have any other signs, you can drop them at the comment section. But remember, if you are dating a black man, you have absolutely nothing to fear!

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  1. Judith says:

    Are you kidding me? If he gets me unexpected gifts??? I love surprises

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