SHORT STORY: Sweet Sour Times – Chima Rachael Judith

Title: Sweet Sour Times 

Genre: prose (Short story) 

Author: Chima Rachael Judith 

Edited by Saka D’boss Junior

The weather was cold and wet as I alighted from the taxi in front of the architectural masterpiece housing the Blue Cross Hospital, Abuja. Adjusting my sweater, I hurried into the massive building and made straight to the receptionist who received me with a sweet smile that revealed her sparkling white teeth.

She quickly punched my name into her computer and directed me to see Dr Bright Oluka. Go down the passage, last door by your left, she said with the kind of smile a mother gives to her baby.

She is simply adoring, I thought, following her direction. A short walk brought me to the door marked, Dr Bright Oluka where I knocked once and entered the coo interior of the superbly furnished office. Behind the oval shaped table was an older version of Ramsey Noah. The man was simply gorgeous in his all white flaming suit and sky-blue tie. He looked up with a heartwarming smile. These guys are good at the act of smiling, I thought as he said, Good morning Miss Jul.

His baritone voice swept over me with the sweet edge of Barry White doing the number; I Will do Anything You Want Me to. In that magic moment, I felt just that way too, do whatever he wants me to.

“Good day doctor,” I responded, mentally feeling his arms comforting me. Gosh, I envy whoever may be his woman.

Please do have a seat,” he said, his smiles illuminating the entire office like hundreds of florescence tubes.

Thank you, doctor, I said lowering my body into a soft leather chair.

Your test result is ready, he announced, punching keys on the keyboard.

It was then it dawned on me that I should not be day dreaming. I had not felt right for a while and a friend had advised I visit the hospital where they had state of the art equipment for whatever test that might be necessary. The cost for consultation alone was ground-shaking but I managed to handle it with the recommended tests that seemed endless. That was two days ago when Dr Cynthia Uche, with her assuring smiles was poking and turning me over like a specimen on a laboratory table in a Biology class. It was all done with smiles and do you feel any pain here and so many more questions that got me thinking I had committed an offence visiting them.

Blood, urine, stool and saliva samples were later taken in the laboratory where I was told to return today. Suddenly, it dawned on me that these smiles could mean trouble for me. Jeez! And I dared to day-dream.

Dr Oluka printed the results from his computer and put them in an envelope, Here we are, Miss, he said, handing over the white envelope to me. For once there were no sweet smiles and did I notice him ensuring our fingers never brushed.

I opened the envelope and my eyes went straight to two positives. Pregnancy, Positive. HIV, Positive. What?! Is one not enough?

My eyes still glued to the result, I went down memory lane, my sweet-sour times in the University. Endowed with height, a slim figure, full orange-like pointed breasts, gorgeous hips, innocent but captivating face and sleek cheek bones seen in fashion magazines, I dreamt of being a model in the fashion industry.

My admission into the University was a step towards achieving that goal. Everything was going just fine when I entered the University but after few months, I started feeling naive. Most of the girls in my class were fashionistas. They had the latest bags, trending designer wears ranging from Channel, Giorgio Armani, Gucci too and the likes. The very lucky cats even shopped abroad while the likes of me were just lucky to have roadside bend-down-select to cover body.
Dear me, yours sincerely also wanted to look good in trending outfits. I craved for my hair to be done in A-Class hair dressing salons in town. In my crave for a better life, I attended a night party organized by some of those hit-girls with sponsorship from their Aristo money bags. The game was to be hooked by a big money spender. You can call this glitz prostitution but for the players, it was simply Runz.

I got hooked to a banker that night and squeezed balls on their level then started upgrading into business tycoons and as my money came and my wardrobe enlarged, I hit the politicians and my father’s mates were just sweethearts as long as the cash was dropping. I travelled the world with the fats of the land and with my now pronounced beauty money bags fell over me like ants on sugar. Well, for marks, we wet the lecturers too. Sooner than I expected, I became the talk on campus. Everyone wanted to be my friend.

Fast forward to my final year in school, there was this particular course that gave me a headache. Not the course actually but the lecturer in charge. The man had a face only a mother would manage to look at. I couldn’t even imagine him paying a visit to my honey-pot with his monster-like looks yet he wanted it so bad. No amount of money I offered was enough; all he wanted was to register his name on my thighs.

Finally, afraid of failing the course for the third time that would keep me in school; I caved in, consoling myself that it would be the first and only time. So, a few days to the exam, I walked down to his office. My attire was as brief as it could be, Toni Braxton style, exposing so much flesh that it was like walking naked. Dr Ugly Lecturer was alone as I expected. When he saw me, he knew I was ready. He gaped at me mouth opened and his ugliness multiplied but this monkey could keep me from graduating and come to think of it, I was not a virgin.

After the preambles of incoherent greetings, I took a seat from him where I made a point of adjusting and readjusting my legs till the monkey got erect in the brain just seeing my flawless long thighs and a whiff of my pure white G-String.

Oh my gosh, oh my soul, Jul my queen, I will give you an A+ ” he drooled all over me.

Sir, I never heard of A+. By the way, I want an A from you and you must beg your friend Dr Nwoke to also give me an A even though I did not perform well in his course

I can give you heaven

I dont want heaven, just give me what I want then I will give you what you want.”

No, my sweet Jul, please my pretty, just look at me, he said showing me his extended third leg.

Thats not my business I fired at him.

Yes ma, please help me. I promise to do everything you have asked for.

And if you dont ?

Am I stupid? My dear, your wish is my commandanything you ask for, I swear on my mothers grave

Okay, if you fail me, I will kill you, I threatened.

That wouldnt be necessary, he said taking me so fast I had no time to think of condom. Oophs! Was the man big? He was a blessed 3-dimensional log of a man, king of boys. On the turf, he gave me a real tear.

We panted like school children running a hundred-metre race at a school competition. A few minutes later it was over and believe me, this man was ugly but in his pumping strides he was a nightmare, simple. When it was over, I heaved a sigh of relief, handed over to him my Registration Number and left his office. He kept to his words and all was well.

Easy money, believe me I got greedy and found millions of reasons not to stop after graduation as I had earlier planned. The fear of returning to poverty got me going deeper in runs.

At last I secured the job of my dream in a fashion firm just as I had hoped for and along came Eddy. He was the Harvard trained son of the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Board of the company I worked for. Eddy came in as a General Manager and anxious to settle down in marriage with me.

Just a few days to the introduction ceremony, I met Dr Ugly Lecturer again. Only God knows how he knew I was getting married. He started threatening to tell Eddy everything about me unless I share another wet five minutes with him.

I ran out of ideas of dodging him when he started talking about visiting Eddys parents. Well, I cannot play with that, so one Saturday I gave him his due. He refused to use a French-letter despite all my pleadings.

Two months after the deed, I noticed my monthly flow had become so light that after whispering to a friend she directed me to The Blue Cross Hospital.

Now look at me, I am finished,” I screamed out.

I stood up leaving the hospital while dangerous thoughts ran riot in my heart all ending with flushing out the fetus but then what about the virus, What will I tell Eddy what would people say.? Nooo !!!” I let out a loud wail.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. Somebody was shaking me up, Jul Jul, you are still sleeping, do I have to remind you that you are writing JAMB today?” That was my mother.

Immediately, I jumped out of the room; almost out of my skin for the bathroom.

By the gods, it was a dream, I screamed all the way even as I missed the part concerning marrying rich boy Eddy.

And I think I’ve gotten to the point where I can say the End

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11 Responses to SHORT STORY: Sweet Sour Times – Chima Rachael Judith

  1. Precious Omolu says:

    I love the story, it’s just wow for me. Kudos to Rachael. Please keep em coming…. I’m waiting….

  2. Omaka Samuel Dike says:

    Sweet Mara has come out in her full self.
    I love it. I wish i had your abilities added to mine. Lol

  3. Israel Taiwo says:

    I love this story… kudos 2 u Rachael. keep it up

  4. Israel Taiwo says:

    I love the story…keep it up my dear

  5. Joseph Jasef says:

    ohhh my God!!!!! this is excellent. suspense, imagery, diction. everything was just too lit.
    This is an award winning short story I bet u.

    weldone Judith.
    Weldone Sir Saka

    Well cooked and well served

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