SHE OWES NO APOLOGY; A Poem by Gabla Godwin


Moons ago,
Yam seasons ago,
It was she who defined your living
Her lips were the only feel of meat you knew every morning
Her arms were where you found solace every night
She carries your joy
In her absence, her phone never rested
Moons ago,
Yam seasons ago,
She was your whole world
You both were the tongue and teeth;
No matter how hard you bit each other, you co-existed.
Your love was unending.

But now, moons have passed
Yam season have passed,
She has increased in width,
her bosoms are now as heavy as an average melon,
Her back as heavy as an exotic coconut
Her cheeks are now inflated balloons
And her tummy is now that of a born-one
So, she’s nomore your world.
She’s something else you don’t know.
A sight of her sends shivers down your spine
Anger and grief tear you up.
“I deserve better” becomes your song.
And there, you vent on her your anger
You paint her with insults,
You destroy her confidence and render her useless
Your gold is now mere stone!

Rusted iron is still an Iron
She deserves better, Kodjo
Kwabena, your mother was once equated to a pencil by her peers
Now, she is an oven.
Kwaku, have you considered what might be the case of your sister, Yaa?
Yao, don’t forget Aunt Kafui has to be helped unto her feet…
Has uncle Joe left her for that?
Kofi, It is true that when you throw a ball against the wall, it bounces to you..
Will your daughter survive this?
Kwame, could you please talk to her?
Could you please help her slim down to your taste?
Kwasi, what about accepting her the way she is?
Some say thick is comfortable
What do you say?
She deserves better.
She owes no apology.

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  1. Mara says:

    Hmmmm… This touched me. Our men need to read this

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