Relationship Tonic With Jerry Iwu > Episode 1

Lots have been experiencing toxic moments in their relationship, this is because we are most times ignorant of the oblivious.

Meanwhile a relationship consultan, Mr. Jerry Iwu is here to guide you.

On today’s episode, we would be getting schooled on how to date with caution.


Don’t deceive the heart that cares,what you don’t value is another’s diamond.

When intention is not honest; pretence becomes inevitable.

Packaging, sex, money, promises can be deceitful, intention and action matters most.

A Playboy pays for bed-price not bride price( date with caution)


√ You must evaluate how you communicate and the quality of attention given to your relationship.
Is an easy way to know ones intention.

√ Do you plan together? If Yes! What do you talk about. Sex methods? What makes you honry? Or vision, inspiration, marriage? Your plans determine your intention.

√ Honest intention doesn’t quit a relationship because of sex. If one can quit because of sex or money ,than intention has be made known.

√ Dishonesty intention is a junior sister to procrastination, most people can’t tell you is over rather the prefer procrastination method.

√ A honest relationship is not hidden from families and closed friends..

√ Not every care is for love, some are for selfish reasons. Therefore watch carefully to determine intention.

Do not date blindly…
Date with caution..
Is all about your happiness.


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