Nigerian Man Flees Thailand After Murdering A Female Jeweler

Nigerian man flees Thailand after murdering a female jeweler

A Nigerian man who goes by the name John Odoemenam but however uses a fake South African passport with the name, Mzwakhe Memela, has been declared wanted after news of him allegedly killing a Thai woman whose corpse was found in a Bangkok hotel two days ago

According to reports collected via security camera footage, Odoemenam was seen  leaving the room of the deceased, identified as Susama Ruenrit, aged 35 from Kanchanaburi. Her lifeless body was however later discovered by one of the hotel staffs.

According to the hotel receptionist on duty, named Payu Srikhung, he and another staff had checked the room at noon on Sunday, when it was time for Susama to pay her bills. The deceased did not answer the door after several attempts of trying to reach her, so Payu was left with no other option than to use a spare key to find their way into the room, only to  find  the lifeless body of Susama wrapped in a sheet.
The culprit was said to have fled to Hong Kong immediately after committing the crime due to the fact that Hong Kong doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Thailand.

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