“Most Of My Childhood Bullies Are Now My Fans…” An interview with Kenny B, Nollywood Actor And Rapper

Bobby John  Kennedy, otherwise referred to as Kenny B is a fast rising Nollywood actor and rapper, who has been in the movie industry for years and of course  has featured in over twenty movies and still counting, alongside other veteran actors

Have fun while getting along with Mara and Kenny B on this interview session.

Bobby John Kennedy  (Kenny B)

MARA: Let’s get to know you please

KENNY B: I’m  KennyB, an actor and a rapper. I’m  22, born and brought up in Imo state.  I studied Theatre arts in Imo State University (IMSU). I had my secondary  school education at Alvana Model Secondary schoo, Owerri. I hail from Ikeduru in Imo state.

MARA: So what really inspired you to be an actor?

KENNY B: Well I think the question should be rather who? Mr Ibu is My Role model,  I have always watched him right from my childhood, and I must say,  watching him really inspired me.

MARA: Does that mean your characters on scene  are mostly comedy based?

KENNY B: Not at all, i haven’t been featured in any comedy movie, though I’m still looking forward to that moment.

MARA: So for how long have you been in the movie industry?

KENNY B: 6 years I would say.

Kenny B with Jim Iyke

MARA: Wow! That’s impressive, for your age. How many movies have you featured in so far?

KENNY B: Few, twenty maybe. I have not been acting for sometime now,because  of school and other stuffs. But i am very much ready for the industry now. I have a lot of movie projects on the way coming.

KennyB with Popular producer, Andy Best

MARA: That’s good to know. So how do you combine being a rapper, an actor and a student?

KENNY B:  It’s been God all through, though it has not been easy, but I think I’m now used to the system.

Joyce Kalu and KennyB

MARA: So what are the major movies you have featured in so far, and what were your roles in them?

KENNY B: Well that would  be; Undercover, i took up d character of Jay jay,a notorious gangstar, Simon and Son,  where I took up the character of Cletus,a helper,more like a good samaritan who helped Mr simon (Charles Onojie) become a rich man, The Bible, My Only Child, and others.

KennyB with Ebere Okaro

MARA: Let me delve into your personal life if you don’t mind. You seems to have spent most part of your life in Imo state, what was growing up like?

KENNY B: Growing up was fun actually and I must say, I really miss my childhood

MARA: Did you ever get bullied as a kid?

KENNY B: Yes,  a whole lot. It’s just sort of funny actually, most of my childhood bullies are now my fans. Life is such a bitch you know (lolz).

MARA: I have this weird question bugging my mind. Should I ask?

KENNY B: Of course you can

MARA: Well I was going to ask if you yawn in your sleep?

KENNY B: (lol) Hell No.

MARA: Could you tell us how an average day of your life is being spent?

KENNYB: I don’t do much things actually,  I spend most time reading and trying to get more ideas on how to make people happy.

MARA: What is that one annoying habit you have ?

KENNY B: That should be trusting people, I trust people easily.

MARA: Apart from life in IMO, what other places have you been to?

KENNY B: I’ve been to few places actually,  I love traveling and  some  of the places I’d been to are;  Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Kenya, Malaysia, and others

MARA: That’s lovely, so if you were to be a cloth, what brand would you prefer to be?

KENNY B: Well I’m not a fashion freak, I wear whatever is good, as long as it looks good on me.

MARA: If I should came to your home and looked through your refrigerator, what would I find there?

KENNY B: You’d probably find varieties of fruit juice and Wine.

MARA:If you have 10 year old KennyB standing right in front of you now, what would you tell him?

KENNY B: Be the best star ever is what I would tell him.

MARA: And if you find out you couldn’t act or rap anymore, what else would you do to survive?

KENNY B: I don’t pray for such, but then,  I think I might just go into writing,  I’m an author too.

MARA: Most celebrities tend to live their lives to impress people, what’s your take on that?

KENNY B: Everyone has his or her own life to live.

MARA: If I may ask, who is your celebrity crush?

KENNY B:That should be  Regina Daniel.

MARA: Could  there be a chemistry sort of?

KENNY B: (No response )

MARA: Tell me people you hope to get featured with in a movie.

KENNY B: Patience Ozokwor is someone i admire, and Mr.  ibu(John okafor), I can’t wait to be on set with them.

MARA:What’s your advice for aspiring actors/rappers?

KENNY B: hard work is everything, that’s all i have to say.

MARA: Alright, it’s really nice having you share your time with us despite your tight schedule.

KENNY B: It’s my pleasure.


Watch Kenny B’s movie Undercover

You can also listen and download his song Wire.


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