If there is any Fashion rules I would LOVE men to abide by, it would be the rules on how to match your leathers. With questions on how to match belts with shoes, wrist watch straps and bags if possible. This simple task seems to vex men worldwide, the fact is that co-ordinating these items together makes a man stand out.
However gentlemen, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. To get your leathers right is to build a solid base for your look; everything else can be as wildly contrasting or as perfectly matched as you want it to be.
I must say, that there are simple guidelines, You can choose to adhere to as many or as little as you want – after all, breaking ‘the rules’ sometimes, can make a superb statement in its own right.

For the beginners, or those that are not comfortable pairing multiple leather items together, hopefully this will nudge you on your way, and give you some much needed inspiration.

Matching Belt & Shoes

This is the big one. It’s also the simplest, and it’s also the least acceptable to get wrong.
So what’s the golden rule?
Your belt and shoes should be of a similar colour and formality.
The colour bit alone seems to give guys
trouble; how matchy-matchy is too matchy-matchy? Can I pair brown with tan? What about these bright blue shoes – am I meant to find a matching belt for these? Rest assured, it’s simpler than you think.
Match leathers from the same colour
family:, Black with black,  brown with brown, tan with tan, etc. This is the
easiest part; if you get nothing else right,
get this right. Equally, you don’t need to
be too exact, because it’s going to be barely noticeable to some, but to others, it is bound to look too meticulous; a slight discrepancy is going to give you a bit of cool nonchalance, not scruffiness. Conversely, if you’re too far
out you’ll just look lazy; deep brown
shoes and a light brown belt, for
example, might just end up looking
Don’t attempt to match wild colours:

A fluorescent yellow belt could be the
perfect statement for you, and you could
probably build a good look around it.
But to find and wear a matching pair of
shoes would be not only difficult but
ridiculous. When you have a statement
colour, let it breathe; you’re flying in the
face of subtleties like this anyway!
So far, so easy. The next bit is the one you’ll hear less of; formality.


Just as a tan belt can look out of place with black shoes, an ultra-casual pair of brown suede loafers is going to be ill-matched with an equally brown but
much dressier slim leather belt. Similarly, your finely polished oxfords could do without that great big belt buckle.

Matching Accessories
There’s an awful lot to cover here when you think about it; your watch strap, your bag, your wallet, and any other
leather affectations of yours. Those are main three though, so let’s go over them one after the other :
Watch strap: let’s say, this is
leather, you should match it to your belt
and shoes. You can afford to be even less
exact with the colour matching here; as
long as you hit the right colour family,
the tones can be different. A brown
watch strap could even work with a tan
belt and shoe combination should you
need it to.
Bags: Do you really want to empty out
its contents every time you feel like
changing your shoes?

We may be fashion conscious but a man is still a man. Don’t stress too much over this, as long as you co-ordinate the smaller details, you’ll be good to go.
Wallet: People should only see this when
it comes out of your pocket. While a
stylish man should have a stylish wallet,
it shouldn’t change with your outfit. If
you have a ‘go-to’ leather bag, consider
matching your wallet to that to tie both
pieces together and prevent either from
looking out of place.

Uche Okechukwu, CEO Urchester Apparel Collections.

The author uche okechukwu is a graduate of Mass communication, His love and passion for fashion and die hard nature to always see people look good and fabulous birthed Urchester Apparel and collections, a fasting rising fashion outfit in Lagos Nigeria, that offers fashion consultancy, shoe making, wardrobe stalking, bespoke tailoring and personal styling.


Connect with Uche Okechukwu on Instagram to make your bookings,  delivery is nationwide.

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