“I was never a science student but today i am in the medical field…” Read success story of Chioma Mbagwu


It’s true most of us are faced with serious problems when it comes to choosing what we want for ourselves, especially when the situation on ground doesn’t seem to favour us, most of us would then tune into operation anything goes, even when we know it might not even favour us.

As the case may be, this is mostly rampant among university aspirants, especially in Nigeria. Of course we all know securing admission into the university these days isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you should accept any course given to you, even when you know it has nothing to do with your dream job. I’m also sure someone is whispering to his/herself now that; what you study doesn’t really matter here in Nigeria and after all, someone who has B.sc in Agricultural science could end up working in the bank…

The truth is what we study actually matters and we don’t really have to accept any course given to us, rather, we should work hard to get that which we had always wanted in life. Most reason why we still have jobless graduates in this country could actually be attributed to the fact that most youths don’t have the skill (and how on earth would the skill be there, when all they wanted is just to go to school like others did) needed for the job even though they graduated in flying colours…

Chioma Mbagwu’s success story is one i think would encourage and help most of the youths who are still probably confused on taking the right decision because they feel it might be too late, but truly, better be late than never.

Why not grab a cup of coffee, settle down and read this wonderful piece …

I’m Chioma Deborah Mbagwu, a Physiology student, at Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (FUNAI).
Growing up was not easy , I was a dullard back then in my primary school days, but the whole story changed in my primary Two(2) where I was bullied by a classmate because I was dull. I cried to my mum and asked her how do I become academically sound? To me I see people that are intelligent as another demigod and that made me feel inferior.
My mum knew I was lagging behind in my Academics, she felt bad but she doesn’t know what to tell me because I was so playful , and never serious with my studies , so no matter how hard she tried, I wouldn’t listen ,she couldn’t force me to learn unless it comes from my heart to give into learning. I gave into learning when I had an encounter with a female colleague who bullied me because I was one of the dullest in the class,I felt bad but with that encounter I became a changed person, I was challenged. I came to understand all this happened for a purpose and I thank God. My mum was happy I was willing to learn. My mum had to sacrifice her time, her work to put me through in my academics. Today,the story changed , my mum was not disappointed again, I became one of the best students in my class till I graduated from primary school. In my primary six(6) I wrote the common entrance to get admission into one of the Federal secondary school in Nigeria.
I started my secondary Education at Federal Government Girls’ College Omu-aran,Kwara state, where I had good foundation but I still had this inferiority complex which affected me psychologically. Despite the fact I was performing well in my Academics, I still felt Inferior. In my Junior class I made distinctions in my result , I was introduced to science and art subjects. I was familiar with my teachers, after my Junior class,I was promoted to the senior class,which was the class I had problem of choice . Based on my performance , my parents were happy and proud of me, they wanted me to become a medical doctor which I declined, I told them I couldn’t make because i felt  medicine is studied by Genius, not people like me. I told them I would rather go for the easier one , I told them I would become a banker, my parent never forced me, they were the best parents and I’m blessed to have them.
I was in Art class,my junior class teachers were not happy that I was in Art, they wished I was in sciences, I didn’t mind that,I started with art subjects and biology was a compulsory subject for all students , I had a good foundation in science course in my Junior class,so I did well in biology better than other art subjects. I was studying really hard , reading is my hobby, I usually visit my school library , I was close to my school librarian, who usually gives me new books, most recent and past records, also on science and technology which made me versatile. I noticed I was doing extremely well in Biology compared to other Art courses.I started dropping in my Academic performance , My mum was really bothered she knew what it cost her to bring me to that level.

In my SS3, I started asking myself a lot of questions about what I wanted I Life, my desire was to help people,to heal the sick, I wanted to study something more challenging , but I was not getting what I expected in Art class.I was doing well in biology even when I don’t study that hard. It was too late to change I felt.
I graduated from secondary school 2010,I wrote the external exams(JAMB,WAEC,NECO) and I did well in them all but there was no admission. After two years of searching for admission ,one early morning, I asked my mother ,if it was possible if I changed to sciences?I asked her first because I could confide in her and she was my great helper.I told her I felt I have a calling to help the sick,and this is where I belong. She was shocked and surprised, she told me, her spirit has never told for once that I was destined to be a banker which I initially wanted to become, but “it’s late” she said.When I heard that word “late”, it killed my spirit. My mum was a little worried for the whole day, she couldn’t sleep at night. The next two days in the middle of the night, she woke me up and asked me, Are my ready to change course? I told her I’m determined, I don’t care what it would take me to change, I’m determined.
I believe in life , we have only one life to live , one needs to fight for ones passion because that’s what calls for our existence as humans. It’s not about how far but how well.
The discussion was between me and my mum, My dad registered jamb for me to enter FUNAI to study Economics . I prayed to God ,first, that he should at least give me admission into the university,because I was already tired of staying at home with no admission, I was frustrated thinking of the whole thing in my head.

The journey of changing into course I’m not familiar with was never easy for me, it was the most challenging moment of my life. What kept me moving despite the whole thing, was the determination to study what I love .while preparing for jamb , my mother paid for a two month class coaching in physics and chemistry,I started taking some classes in physics and chemistry in order to write WAEC GCE . My siblings were also helpful, they were taking me on physics and chemistry, I never rested too, I was studying morning and night, I never prepared much for Jamb that was also ahead of me. In the process of preparing for these various exams, My mother had to inform my dad about my change of course and how I wanted to go by it. My dad felt bad ,he lamented ; he said he told me initially that I should go for sciences but I refused, he said he wont accept my idea of course changing because it was too late and I’ve gone a long way with commercial courses,I have no foundation in sciences and also considering the money he spent. I felt bad too, I was disturbed by my father’s disapproval, but my mother always encourage me never to give up, that challenges like this will surely come my part. My dad also doubted if I was going make it into science considering how tough it is. My dad was bothered for more than a week. One day he saw me working some past question on chemistry. He asked me once again if I’m actually sure about this, I needed to give my father some hope by telling him, I might end up becoming a successful banker but I’ll feel unfulfilled till the day I die, I know I made a mistake in the beginning but I need one last chance to redirect my destiny,he will be proud if I end up becoming a female doctor, the world will not ask him rhetorical question,the end justifies the means, I begged him to assist him for the last time to help me and he won’t regret it. He accepted but he was worried I know nothing about sciences, I told him “God is with me I won’t fall”
I used two months for lessons and rigorous studying,I went for the WAEC GCE exams,which I wrote from August to September 2012. 2013 I started preparing for Jamb to gain admission into Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, (FUNAI) in Ebonyi State. My jamb result was very good,2013, I gained admission to FUNAI to study Business Admission instead of the intended Economics. That same year,2013, the WAEC result was out,Lo and behold,my WAEC GCE was very good, I really thank God because my handwork was never in vain and with this my parent were confident enough to further my education at any cost.

i was never a science student but today…

As I entered FUNAI, I studied business administration for two years, even though i was the best in my class, I kept writing Jamb. It was not easy for me because there were sometimes I will be writing my mid semester exams and preparing for Jamb at the same time, I never minded that because I was so determined,the jamb I wrote in 2014, was the first time I would write Jamb on science courses, it was not easy because writing Jamb is different from writing WAEC, the preparation differs..2014 I chose University of Ibadan to study medicine and surgery, but my jamb was not upto the cut off mark which was 200, I scored 199. I told God I have tried studying in west but all to no avail, I will try East my father land, but that score never discouraged me. The next year, I chose FUNAI with the intention to study medicine but the course was still on progress not yet approved, my Jamb result this time was so good, I scored above 200, my post utme result was so good qualifying me for the admission. October 2015,my name was on the merit list to study Medical physiology. I was happy and my parents too.To me so long it’s a department in health line, I was fulfilled, my parents knew I was going to become a doctor at the end of the day,my family believe in me, I thank God that college of medicine has finally been approved in FUNAI. There is hope for students in Basic medicine, we are very close. And my final lap, is moving to medicine after getting my degree in physiology.

Any department in basic medicine or medical course,to me, is the most challenging department. When I was in business administration, I read to pass, I usually don’t have to stress myself much,I can just get slides and go through them before exam ,and I’ll still come out with a good result but my present department,its actually different here truth be told,I have to study with a lot of focus and enough research, I have to study beyond the lecturers slides before writing exams, because our exams are in two a parts, The MCQ part and theory part. MCQ(objectives)which are beyond what is been thought in class,which are sometimes on negative marking and theory(which most times are from lecturers slides), If one is not strong enough ,you’ll want to give up along the way, I’ve seen student drop the course for another.It takes Gods grace to make it here. I really thank God for the unlimited graces.

I believe anything one does extremely well in life is one’s calling. Nobody is a dullard, many people fail today because they have not discovered what they are being called for in life, God never spent time to create a NOBODY ,He created SOMEBODY, so go out there and discover what you’re being called to do. Many FUNAI students have approached me about my change of course, it was then I understood what was going on. Many students in the university today study courses which are far different from their calling and passion., and they feel bad, they really don’t know how to switch or tell their parents they want to change because of the time and money spent, but truly, it is not about how far but how well, If humans engage in economic activities that relates with their passion and calling , I believe today,the rate of poverty round the world, Africa precisely, would have reduced. Some students are afraid to make a u-turn because of peer pressure or what people would say. A lot of students have been inspired by my change of course, especially when they got to know by God’s grace, I did pretty well in my ex-department but still had to change, while some students countered my change of course expressing derogatory, but all those things didn’t move me. To me what is important to me is my life and the decision guarding my lifestyle and existence,which is how we should think. You’ve got one life to live, and you’ll die alone, you don’t need anybody’s opinion to achieve your dreams, when you fall, you fall alone, it’s your cross not theirs, and when you rise ,you rise alone, why get disturbed by what humans have got to say about your destiny, rule your world, discover yourself and let’s make the world a better place to live in. Another thing is for one to choose friends wisely,you’re the peddler of your own canoe, go for friends who will help you in achieving your dreams, those who will impact your life positively, be wise because there are many wolves in sheep clothing. I chose my friends they don’t choose me, it is good we know this, it is God’s plan for us all to be successful so you’ve got to make right choice now because life is short.

God has used a lot of people to help me while I was changing this course, I give thanks to God Almighty for he is the only giver of wisdom, knowledge and understanding , I was never a science student but today I’m a medical student, It’s a miracle and I bless God, I also thank God for my parents , especially my mum for the courage and motivation, I was once a dullard but God used her to pave a way for my destiny and my wonderful siblings, you’re God’s gift to me. To all who contributed to my success while changing course ; Dr.Henry Alo (MBBS), Mr.Ambrose Oloveze, Dr.Ehiri Richard, Dr.Otu (department of psychology, FUNAI ) I’m indebted to you all.

To my good friends ; Okorie Cecilia, Oko salome, Ogechi Otu ,Ruth Ebenyi, I will never forget your great assistance. The department of business admin and Accounting (2013/2014 Set),I’m really going to miss you all and also 2012/2013 Set, 2013/2014 set, I also specially appreciate Blessing Pietro Montalto (Department of biochemistry FUNAI, 2013l2014 set) who taught me organic chemistry while preparing for Jamb, I also appreciate these persons for their prayers while writing Jamb ; Mr. John Okwute, Miss Noela okoye, Mr.Amulu Samson, Mr.princewill(pioneer Nifes papa), Miss Sandra kachi ,Mr.Obike paschal, Mr.vincent(mathematics department 2013/2014 set), Late caleb(RIP), Mr.Nnamdi Offor, Mr.Enwerem chukwudi, Miss Ezinne Darlington, NFCS Family, NIFES family, legionaries. A lot of people in FUNAI made a lot of impact in my life, I can’t mention all, but God bless you all.

To those who showed me love in my current department, it is an opportunity to be found among you guys, thanks for accepting me and giving me hope, Department of Anatomy and physiology,FECAMDS, my devoted lecturers; Dr.Akunna, Dr.Oparaji, Dr.Ezeonu(MBBS),I appreciate your ongoing assistance and I promise never to disappoint you all.
I specially appreciate my mentor Dr.Anthonia Udeji(MBBS), Sir Sylvester okere(US ambasador) , My good friend from the states Angie zou(University of Michigan,USA), your motivation and advice went a long way than you’d expected, God bless you all! I appreciate Mara’s trove for this opportunity,you’re the best!
God bless FUNAI, home of the soaring Eagle

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  1. Rom says:

    Wao wat an inspiring story, the Lord is your strength dear!

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    chiomy thanks for the acknowledgement am delighted. more success to you….

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    She is one strong,hardworking,focused and independent lady I have ever encountered,I also heard she is doing extremely well in her present department. she is humble and simple, she likes motivating young people and very friendly. One thing that makes me laugh about her is the way she walks, she always walk fast,she is always time conscious, no time for irrelevant discussions. Well, I wish you success in your pursuit in life Deborah chioma Mbagwu. Marastrove keep the good work going,this is the best piece I ever read in your blog.

  6. Young says:

    This Lady is one strong and hardworking lady I have ever met in FUNAI, always determined and focused. God bless your hustle dear, thanks to marastrove for a wonderful article, this is the best piece ever

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    Wow d lord will continue to c u

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    This is beautiful.. I’m highly motivated by your success story…Go girl!!!

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    Deby,this is an awesome piece, I was a victim but with this…. I am stronger.Goodluck all the way.

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