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Relationship Tonic With Jerry Iwu > Episode 1

Lots have been experiencing toxic moments in their relationship, this is because we are most times ignorant of the oblivious.

Meanwhile a relationship consultan, Mr. Jerry Iwu is here to guide you.

On today’s episode, we would be getting schooled on how to date with

Six Ways To Keep A Man

Truth is, every guy is different. So you might actually obey all the six rules on this post and he will still leave you for an uglier girl with downs syndrome. Men are confusing and confused. Today they like a girl with big a*s, tomorrow it’s the smaller ones they like. So why am I giving six rules anyway? Because my boss asked me to and I have to get paid. So. Here. We. Go!

6 Reasons Why I’ll Rather Date A Fat Girl

I know everyone wants to be skinny these days. Society has made us believe it’s better to be skinny and so plus size ladies tend to feel insecure about their body. I know! I know! There are health benefits of keeping fit and all that, but I’m not a doctor. And I will rather date a plus size woman than a skinny one. After all, skinny girls look better in clothes while plus sized girls look better naked. I know which one I’ll rather have.

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