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Mara’s Trove Woman Crush Wednesday Celebrity Goes To Rasheedat Ajayi

Think Wednesday think WCW, Think WCW,  think Rasheedat!

It’s another session of our woman crush Wednesday celebrity. Trust us, we

Meet Bilikis Ose, Mara’s Trove WCW

Today’s Woman Crush Wednesday Celebrity for Mara’s trove  goes to Bilikis Ose, a philosophy student of Obafemi  Awolowo University, Ife, and a fitness and dance coach.

Below are few things you might want to know about her. 

Meet Precious Omolu Tehillah, Mara’s Trove Woman Crush Wednesday Celebrity

When you see a boss lady,  you just have no option than to respect them,  because everything about them commands respect.

Think Wednesday Think Woman Crush Wednesday. WCW Goes to Miss Kaduna, Queen-Esther Chisom Nwanagu

Think Wednesday, think Woman Crush Wednesday. Think Woman Crush Wednesday,  think Queen Esther Chisom Nwanagu.  It’s

Today’s WCW Goes To Njoku Stella Chigozie

Don’t live your life to please others at the expense of your own interest. Care less about what people say about you.

Live a problem free life if possible,  stay healthy, be happy, just live,  you’ll be fine.

It’s  Woman Crush Wednesday, and I’m sure Stella deserves

Get In Here Buddies, It’s Woman Crush Wednesday


Wednesdays are for women, not just women anyways, but for those who know their  worth and value in the society, and that’s why it’s Women Crush Wednesday 

It’s Woman Crush Wednesday, Meet Obianuju, Mara’s WCW

Women are the most precious and adorable baby  creature God made, more reason why He said whoever finds a wife(woman), finds a good thing.

It’s  Woman Crush Wednesday, and our WCW goes to Obianuju Sandra Akaniru,  the former Miss Tourism Ebonyi.  

Isn’t she awesome? Meet sweet-looking Favour, Mara’s Woman Crush Wednesday.

Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes to Favour Umejesi.  She is definitely a master-piece of beauty.

BIRTH NAME : Umejesi Favour Ogochukwu


STATE OF ORIGIN : Anambra State.

Our WCW goes to no other person but Queen Francis

Our Woman Crush Wednesday celebrity goes to statuesque Queen Francis…What do you think about her guys?

please drop your opinions in the comment box.

BIRTH NAME : Queen Francis

BIRTH DATE : 26TH August

Meet Precious Chukwu, the beauty goddess… Mara’s W.C.W

Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes to PRECIOUS CHUKWU. You know at times,  it’s really difficult  finding the right words you desire to describe someone or something, I’m short of words…

So please help me describe her in just a word.

BIRTH NAME : Precious Chukwu.

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