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Mondays Are For Celebrating Man Crush Monday Celebrities,Meet Patrick Michael Uboh, Mara’s MCM

Mondays are for celebrating man crush Monday celebrities, meet Michael Patrick Uboh, Mara’s trove MCM celebrity for the week

Mara’s Trove Man Crush Monday Celebrity Goes To Uche Obi

Our man crush Monday celebrity goes to the chief executive officer of speak4urself ,  Mr.Uche Obi. An accountant and a

Mondays Are For Celebrating MCM, Meet BFMeez, Mara’s Trove Man Crush Monday Celebrity.

Music is life and a Monday without Music isn’t complete. BFMeez is music himself, so why don’t you spice up your Monday with our MCM to add life to your

Bablo Jay Makes Our Man Crush Monday Celebrity For The Week

It’s Monday, a season for celebrating our Man Crush Monday Celebrities.

Trust me today would definitely bring you those life goodies you’ve been craving for. All you have to is, open up your arms, embrace the beauty of today and

And Today’s Man Crush Monday Celebrity Goes To No Other Than Kings Amako

I know a man who prized genuineness and thoughtful conversation above lipstick and high-heels. He is handsome, no doubt but inside he is beautiful.

You want to know my Man Crush Monday Celebrity

Meet Emmanuel Chidi Udeh, Mara’s Man Crush Monday Celebrity

Many a times, most tend to forget where they are coming from in life, and as such lose focus in no time.

While setting a goal for the future,  always make the past a reference point, to avoid making certain mistakes that could  mar your travails.

Mondays  are used to celebrate men. It’s Man Crush Monday. Meet Emmanuel  Chidi Udeh,  Mara’s trove  Man Crush Monday Celebrity. 

It’s Man Crush Monday… Meet Vincent, Mara’s MCM

You need not worry if today’s going to be blissful or not, just act and pretend everything is fine, and believe you me everything’s going to be perfectly fine. I’m sure you just don’t want to look like you’ve swallowed a life bee on a sweet Monday


Our Man Crush Monday Celebrity goes to no other person but clean-cut and suave Henry. You never can tell, your bae might even be crushing on him.

Below are the vital things you need to know about him…


Dope ain’t he? meet Bamidele Akinyemi, Mara’s MCM celebrity

Today’s Man Crush Celebrity goes to Bamidele Akinyemi, a legal adviser to the House of Zaron, Benin. He is currently undergoing his second degree at UNIBEN. Below are NINE THINGS you need to know about him;

Meet Sweet looking Eddybliss, Mara’s MCM Celebrity.

Our MAN CRUSH MONDAY Celebrity for today goes to Eddybliss. Below are the few things you need to know about him, And don’t forget to drop your comments too.


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