6 Reasons Why I’ll Rather Date A Fat Girl

I know everyone wants to be skinny these days. Society has made us believe it’s better to be skinny and so plus size ladies tend to feel insecure about their body. I know! I know! There are health benefits of keeping fit and all that, but I’m not a doctor. And I will rather date a plus size woman than a skinny one. After all, skinny girls look better in clothes while plus sized girls look better naked. I know which one I’ll rather have.

1. They are less Judgemental : a girl once told me “if you expect me to look like Kendal Jenner, you better look like Neyo.” Truth is, a chubby girl confident in her skin would expect a guy to be confident in his own skin. So they won’t judge you for not having six packs or a twenty inch penis .

2. Cushion for Pushing: This is the thing. It is sweeter to bounce on a soft, fluffy cushion than on a slippers-looking bed. Get it? No? OK! Let me try again. Falling on a trampoline will way better than falling on all those thin, student mattresses. Still don’t get it? OK! As a skinny guy, I don’t like bone to bone contacts. Get it? Good!

3. More surface area to explore: still on sex (Yes! Point 2 was about sex. Get in now? No? I can’t help you then), there is way more skin to explore. Most times, having more things to grab is always better. It’s not just the grabbing! The sight of those things juggling makes the sex a lot better! Why settle for less when you can have more?

4. They are funny: This is not a myth. Plus size girls are funny as hell and it’s almost impossible to have a dull conversion with them. Take actors like Melissa Reddy, Mo’nique, Rebel Wilson, etc and you will get what I’m talking about. So you want to laugh through out your relationship, get a chubby girl.

5. Best cuddles: Picture this! You have had a rough day in work or school. Traffic, annoying colleagues or course mates, loooooong lectures or meetings, failed a test or got a good scolding from your boss and then you get home! Would you rather lay your head on oranges or huge, soft watermelons? Your guess is as good as mine.

6. They live in the kitchen: Picture your family having a party. You know those aunties or mamas that come to help with the cooking? Are they usually fat? Yes? See? It’s not a myth. Chubby girls can cook for Africa. Plus they don’t give you that “we need to eat healthy” bullsh*t. So you don’t want to die of hunger? Date a plus size Lady and live long.

Disclaimer: this doesn’t mean I only date plus sized ladies or that slim girls are bad. It just means if I had to choose…I’ll choose life. More is always better.

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  1. Rachael says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm… So slim ladies should go and die Abi coz I am not understanding o

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