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Roman Goddess Flaunts Her Assets On Instagram

See The Customized Bikini Ankara Outfit Popular BBNaija Housemate Storms Out With

The Chronicles Of Dino Melaye


Nigeria’s politics of today could be likened to an action packed movie. Funny enough,  it is comedy cold and not funny because these are the same people ruling us. You all heard about the stolen mace which was however returned even though they claimed to have found it underneath a bridge… , the president describing his youths as being lazy, Senate calling for the impeachment of President Buhari and then Dino Melaye! I mean,  how many more surprises are still expecting from this same action packed movie series called Nigeria?

Let me not bore you on so much stories,  let’s  focus on Dino Melaye, shall we?

Men Beaten To A Pulp For Engaging In Homosexual Act.

Two men have been caught for engaging in gay activity in Mbaise community of

Bablo Jay Makes Our Man Crush Monday Celebrity For The Week

It’s Monday, a season for celebrating our Man Crush Monday Celebrities.

Trust me today would definitely bring you those life goodies you’ve been craving for. All you have to is, open up your arms, embrace the beauty of today and

And Today’s Man Crush Monday Celebrity Goes To No Other Than Kings Amako

I know a man who prized genuineness and thoughtful conversation above lipstick and high-heels. He is handsome, no doubt but inside he is beautiful.

You want to know my Man Crush Monday Celebrity

The Bleeding Blades, A Mindset OF Olusegun Omotosho

All hail the thumbs
Who have been like workaholic
All modestly dumbs
Not minding the melancholic
Utterances of some non participants
Who cannot but

23 Relationship Tips And Advice Every Lady Should Read

Every relationship has its own ups and downs, however,  knowing how best to handle relationships to avert or curb forthcomings would go a long way.

Don’t just sit to read,  grab a coffee and read along.

1. Play with him. Playfulness is the one thing that holds a happy relationship together more than anything else. Just because you’re past your childhood doesn’t mean

Today’s WCW Goes To Njoku Stella Chigozie

Don’t live your life to please others at the expense of your own interest. Care less about what people say about you.

Live a problem free life if possible,  stay healthy, be happy, just live,  you’ll be fine.

It’s  Woman Crush Wednesday, and I’m sure Stella deserves

WTF!!! Young Lady Gives Birth To A Strange Being

The picture of a young lady who was delivered of a strange looking creature has

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