Monthly Archives: March 2018

Destined to Burn (D2B) A Mind Blowing Flash Fiction.

Here’s another mind blowing flash fiction from the stable of a savvy pen-god, Gabla Godwin.

Don’t just sit to read,  grab a cup of coffee and let your mind sojourn along with G.Gabla. 


It is a hot Saturday morning. The sun’s intensity is as though the devil had taken over control of its steamy engines.

There, in the wake of the burning sun, a baby has been left to

It’s Man Crush Monday… Meet Vincent, Mara’s MCM

You need not worry if today’s going to be blissful or not, just act and pretend everything is fine, and believe you me everything’s going to be perfectly fine. I’m sure you just don’t want to look like you’ve swallowed a life bee on a sweet Monday

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