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Sun Set Medium: Oil On Canvas…A piece of art by Alagbe Festus

Why most people hardly know every work of art has its own interpretation and meaning, I believe they do, and believe me, to be able to interpret a work of art is

“I was never a science student but today i am in the medical field…” Read success story of Chioma Mbagwu

It’s true most of us are faced with serious problems when it comes to choosing what we want for ourselves, especially when the situation on ground doesn’t seem to favour us, most of us would then tune into operation anything goes, even when we know it might not even favour us.

As the case may be, this is mostly rampant among university aspirants, especially in Nigeria. Of course we all know securing admission into the university these days isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you should accept any course given to you, even when you know it has nothing to do with your dream job. I’m also sure someone is whispering to his/herself now that; what you study doesn’t really matter here in Nigeria and after all, someone who has in Agricultural science could end up working in the bank…

The truth is what

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