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Meet beautiful Blessing Chukwuagoziem, Mara’s WCW

BIRTH NAME: Blessing Chukwuagoziem.

DATE OF BIRTH : 24TH June, 1994.

STATE OF ORIGIN : Enugu State.

SCHOOL : Imo State University.

Wow!! Two MCM, Meet Kelvin Okoye and Praiz Obijiofor, Mara’s MCM celebrities

Howdy peeps! since we have two MCM today, let’s play a little game. Comment by dropping A or B on whom you think is more dope… And guess what, they are both from Anambra…

A MUST ATTEND; The June Master Class

The June Master Class is a seminar organized by LIMP CONSULTS and HYED FOUNDATION, with well seasoned speakers in the field of business to enrich us with various courses on;




*IDEA DEVELOPMENT, to mention but a few. And guess what,

OLAIDE… A short story written by Joseph Jasef

Fear griped my heart that very morning when Olaide told me she had secured an admission into the university far away from OKE OLA where we live.
“Eledua! when will you do mine?, when will I make enough money to sponsor myself to school, I hope I won’t loose her?”
My countenance changed, with sadness written all over me.

She looked straight and deep into my eye “Honey, Education


Couldn’t help but laugh out loud…


Beautiful isn’t she? Meet Emmanuella, Mara’s WCW

BIRTH NAME : Avhurhi Emmanuella.

BIRTH DATE : May 17TH, 1996.

STATE OF ORIGIN : Delta State.

SCHOOL : Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi State.


BEFORE THE JOURNEY… A mindset of Gabla Godwin

“Get her to the Emergency Room quickly” one of the doctors ordered. “She seems to be in a severe pain. Please, sit here. We’d call on you when we need you” a well-rounded pretty nurse said while she pat my shoulder bone assuredly. “She’d be fine, Mr. Handsome” she paced away. My heart fled several distance from me. I choked from within and my eyes almost melted. “Is mummy going to be alright? Where are they taking her to?” I had suddenly taken notice of my younger sister. I pulled her close to me and stroked her hair gently. “She’d be fine. Just be rest assured. God can’t take her now” I comforted her. She looked up at me, so much fears in her eyes. “What if…

Savage!!! Guy burnt roommate’s skin with hot pressing iron, says he farts too often.

I hear sey on de 17th of dis month wey we dey so, sey two 100l bobo for FUNAI male hostel, get kwanta. Ask me wetin dey cos de kwanta,

one of de bobo dey always mess for night inside room, na im de second bobo

TRAGIC!!!! 300L O.A.U Pharmacy student drowned to death.

Fatile Emmanuel Oluwatobi, a 300L student of the faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University,  drowned to his death on the 18th of June, around

LIFELESS… (A flash fiction)

Room bleeding with darkness. The night still as young as a baby. On the bed which sat in the corner laid a body. Flat it laid. Half naked. Belly facing heaven. Hands on head clasped as though to support the head from dropping off. ‘Kpra!’ The lights turned on. The body on the bed couldn’t contain the light. Eyes moved towards the direction of the switch. And there he was! The man whose face commanded misery. “And what do you think you are doing?” Papa Yankey asked. Silence. “You think you are free?

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