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Gobe!! 200l FUNAI student got 100l student pregnant, What happened next would surprise you.

Later dem go sey Mara na Amebo, well no be my fault sha… i dey on my own when dis gist fly enter my ear.

Hmmmm!  I hear sey one 200l guy give im babe wey dey 100l belle, as dem come go do test for Abakaliki, the babe no wan make im bobo  no sey she carry belle, na im she come plan am with de lab attendant sey make dem write ‘negative’ for de result wey she go show de bobo. After everytin na, De babe don already collect de main result wey be ‘Positive’ as she wan show am to im aunty. My dear, where gobe come hapun be wen

Meet Sherbet sweet-lips Luchi, Mara’s WCW celebrity

A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears, pixie’s nose and her eyes which were a sparkle with the ‘joie de vivre’ any better

TO THE GOVERNMENT: Way Forward For Nigerian Youths

In animal science, rabbitary to be precise. In their nutrition under intensive care, if they’re to be fed with forage it must have been gotten 24hours prior to avoid bloating. A question then comes to mind, “what if they’re in their natural habitat?” the simple answer is: “they know what to pick.”
That analogy could be related to Nigerian youth, the so-called intensive system which


Arsenal fans celebrating hard like they are premier league champions… Hope you remember who the boss is this season?

I did predict this lackluster performance from the Blue boys. They have obviously been busy boasting in the media

Breaking the snag and understanding the wealth principle

There are lot of differences between being wealthy and being rich. Often times, the rich thinks they are wealthy, but they are extremely wrong. One can be rich and not wealthy, but it’s rare to find a wealthy person that is not rich.In the aspect of finance, there are four levels people find themselves in:

1. Financial independence : The people in this category, have their potential income equivalent to their expense. They live in the ratio 1:1 category.

2. Financial freedom : In this category, their cash flow income is double of their expenses which makes them financially free. They live in the ratio 2:1 category.

3. Financial riches : The people in this category has a system that provides them X3 or their expenses therefore after paying monthly bills, they still have enough money to spend… They live in the ratio 3:1 category.

4. Rat racers : For the people in this category, their accumulated expenses is higher than their cash flow, they are always in bad debt borrowing to pay bills.

Borrowing to pay bills can be be regarded as bad debt while borrowing to invest can be acknowledged as good debt.

Now that you have known the four levels of people based on their finance, which category are you in?

In our next post, we shall be looking at how one can graduate from one level of financial category to another, in other to reach the highest height.

Author : Uzoma Oranebo Christian

Uzoma Oranebo Christian is an undergraduate student of Mathematics at Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo. He is a motivational and inspirational speaker, and also, a veteran computer user. He is a financial management and a business intelligence strategist and a life coach.


Uzoma can be reached via:

08136277395 or

“I regret staying in the hostel…” Water scarcity invades FUNAI female hostel!!

For few weeks now, inhabitants of the FUNAI female hostel have been spending day and night on a queue just to fetch water. Time which would have spent on other things like reading



United, being their first time to lay to lay hands on the trophy will go down in history books as the fifth team to win all the European trophies, alongside Chelsea the bianconery, Bayern Munich, and Ajax!

Na wao!! You just won’t believe what i heard…

Una don hear?

hehehehe!!! I hear sey Blu (De guy wey follow StarPrince sing SHIBADA) na real Kpako pikin (ehn i no sey oda celebs wey be kpako before dem blow plenty), but de one wey come pain me pass be

Eloquent isn’t she? Meet Hope Okafor, Mara’s WCW


DATE OF BIRTH : 27TH May, 1994

Don’t stare too much lest you fall… Meet Michael Akuma, Mara’s MCM celebrity

BIRTH NAME : Akuma Michael ThankGod

DATE OF BIRTH : 20TH April, 1997

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